With all its technological marvels, the modern world often places undue stress on individuals. Such stress and pressure can lead to more serious conditions like anxiety, depression and relationship problems. Professional counseling can identify routes toward greater happiness and fulfillment, together with alleviating mental health conditions that can become very serious if left untreated.

Permian Basin Counseling offers a range of counseling services at a convenient location in downtown Midland.

Accepting new patients: adults, adolescents and children (8 and up)

Individuals, couples and families

***Now accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna insurance***


Treatment Specialities

Depression                                             Anxiety                             Relationship Problems

Anger Management                             Self-Esteem                     Teen Issues

Family Dysfunction                              Life Transitions             Alcohol Problems

Substance Abuse Problems                 PTSD                               Grief and Loss

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